2019 Roborace DevBot 2.0

2019 Roborace DevBot 2.0

The first time I heard about Roborace and its plan to create a driverless car and let it autonomously race around the track, I was a bit overwhelmed. What’s the point? Then, I started thinking. For decades now, we have been more entertained by manufacturers’ rivalry than actual rivalry between drivers. In this case, however, the real race would not be handled on the tracks, but behind the keyboards and monitors. In essence, whoever writes the best software code for autonomous racing car – Roborace DevBot – would win.

That is the main goal with Roborace. Well, it was. After a sort of a fail that Lucas di Grassi’s company (yup, he is CEO of Roborace, and if you are into cars you have to know who he is) experienced last year with autonomous racing, Roborace scaled back its expectations. This led to the development of the Roborace 2.0. Revealed only days ago and focused on entering a one-make racing series in late 2019. The new car has some striking differences compared with the Roborace DevBot. First of all, it has a full cockpit for the driver, it features an RWD setup instead of the AWD setup, and it will provide a possibility for the driver to basically race against freaking AI.

I am NOT joking. What Is So Special About the Roborace 2.0?

Well, I’ve just told you. However, to achieve almost incredible capability for the driver to race AI, Roborace had to think out of the box. I know, you don’t like the “out of the box” phrase, but please bear with me. See, Roborace 2.0 racing, which will be held on the same tracks as the Formula E during the pauses between the races of the Formula E, will be organized in a few different stages. First of, […]

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