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Adams-VTD Integration: ADAS and Autonomous Driving Simulation with the Best Vehicle

Virtual Test Drive (VTD) is the world’s most widely used open platform for the creation, configuration, and animation of virtual environments for the testing and validation of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles. Based on the vehicle positions and motions, VTD rebuilds the 3D environment in real time, computes the sensor perception and calculates the movements of all surrounding vehicles, all of which can then be used to train the AI Driver over billions of miles of realistic virtual roads with high efficiency.

Depending on the scenario that the simulation needs to address, having vehicle models with different level of complexity can be handy. For the common scenarios (like driving on the highway), a simplified model with basic outputs like velocity, longitudinal/lateral acceleration is sufficient. However, for scenarios like driving on a rough road or a vehicle hitting a curb, a higher fidelity Adams Car model with a well-correlated suspension system is going to be essential to capturing the ultimate sensor behavior and driving experience. Adams Car is automotive industry’s gold standard when it comes to vehicle dynamics simulation and analysis.

In this webinar, we introduce a new connection between Adams Car and VTD that has been developed so that an Adams Car full vehicle model can be easily imported into the VTD simulation environment to represent realistic vehicle dynamics behavior.

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