Autonomous Cars Just Round The Corner, says Sebastian Vettel!

Autonomous Cars Just Round The Corner, says Sebastian Vettel!

Four-time F1 World Champion and Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel, thinks autonomous cars are just round the corner and that its only a matter of time before we are not driving cars anymore.

The automobile industry is currently undergoing once-in-a-century transformation and we are not even talking about electrification. While electric vehicles themselves are a massive change in the automobile industry, here we are talking about autonomous car, something many believe to be the future of transportation. A number of international agencies are already working on the development of autonomous cars and we are not very far from this becoming a reality. A certain four-time Formula 1 World Champion too thinks autonomous cars represent the future of transportation.

Current Ferrari driver and four-time F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, speaking on F1, Beyond The Grid podcast has revealed his opinion about autonomous cars and the future of driving. He said, “The generation above told me, they thought, we wouldn’t be driving anymore. We still are driving. We think our kids wouldn’t drive but at some point, it will come.” The outgoing Ferrari driver, also an avid classic car fan, went on to say, “The fact that you can’t drive your car anymore unless it is a classic car.”

Speaking further on autonomous tech, he said, “But autonomous driving, I think, is around the corner. It’s just a question of making it, answering all the questions attached to it. But in terms of technology, I don’t think, the calculations and algorithms and everything behind it, I don’t think we are too far away.” This podcast was recorded on the sidelines of the Russian GP where Sebastian Vettel talked about his time at Ferrari, what he is looking forward to from Aston Martin and so much more beyond the grid as well. Sebastian Vettel fans, that’s something you should go and listen immediately.

Vettel also talked about his love for older generation F1 cars. He recently acquired the championship winning Williams F1 car which was driven by former F1 world champion Nigel Mansell and is hoping to get some track time with car soon. But his all-time favorite F1 car remains Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004 with which the German legend won his seventh and last World Championship title. He also revealed that he had made attempts to get the F2004 for himself but it was just too expensive.

But coming back to autonomous tech, that inevitably seems to be the future. A lot of vehicles already offer semi-autonomous tech and their effectiveness only proves that the technology is moving in the right direction. Only time will tell if the next generation actually gets to drive cars or not but we hope we do not lose the art of driving in this race for technological advancements and autonomous tech that the world is pushing for in so many levels.


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