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Autonomous Vehicles Should Be Against Resistant To Cyber Attacks, Warn Insurers

Autonomous Vehicles Should Be Against Resistant To Cyber Attacks, Warn Insurers

Vehicles must be integrated with sufficient security to protect them against cyber attacks before they can be used in a completely autonomous manner, according to the insurance industry.

The Association of British Insurers defined the proposed criteria to ensure the safety of automation, first on motorways. She said automated operating systems “should be able to detect and minimize the effects of data breaches and cyber intrusions.”

ABI insurance policy director James Dalton said, “Insurers are the primary advocates for driverless vehicles that can dramatically improve road safety and change the mobility of thousands of people.”

This is a protection against the risk of hackers using connected services to spread viruses or gain remote access to the operation of a vehicle, with potentially terrible results.

The recommendation, made at an automated vehicle event by ABI, is one of ten insurers and research organizations that Thatcham Research hopes to integrate into a set of regulations that all vehicles must meet.

“However, it is essential that the evolution from increasingly refined driver assistance systems that already work in current cars to fully driverless vehicles is vigilantly managed to pass up unnecessary problems,” Dalton said.

“In our progressively connected world, cybersecurity is of great importance to everything from TVs to fitness trackers. Our cars are isn’t an exclusion.

“If people have to rely on a vehicle to get them securely from one point to another, it is necessary to set up the suitable cyber security and that should be a requirement before a car can drive it.

“You can effortlessly visualize that a vehicle’s cyber-security systems will soon turn out to be a primary crime prevention tool, ensuring that cars of the future are protected against data theft and other malicious attacks.”

Car manufacturers also recognize the value of good cyber security, especially in view of the increasing number of vehicles that are already en route.

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