Bosch and WeRide, working on autonomous driving software

Bosch and WeRide, working on autonomous driving software

WeRide And Bosch formalize a strategic cooperation agreement for the development of a autonomous driving software AD. Not surprisingly, the joint work between the two companies will speed up the development process of Bosch China’s advanced driving solution.

The automotive industry has made huge strides in the development of autonomous vehicles in recent years. In fact, there are many car manufacturers who have decided to design vehicles with assisted driving or other advanced semi-autonomous driving options to be brought to the road in the next few years.

According to reports, the two sides will develop data-driven intelligent driving software, to provide OEM customers in the Chinese market with an optimized service that can, therefore, offer advanced intelligent driving experiences of SAE level 2-3.

Thanks to the joint work between Bosch and WeRide, vehicles equipped with this software can offer advanced autonomous driving systems of SAE 2-3 level, on the urban streetson highways and on the Chinese causeways. Not coincidentally, WeRide aims to achieve fully automated driving ( Level 4). There is also no shortage of investments on the part of Bosch for the development of autonomous driving technologies; the company is, in fact, engaged in other partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, such as the one with Five and with the German giant Atlec.

Autonomous driving aims to make road traffic safer and less stressful. We want Five to give further impetus to our software development work for safe autonomous driving, with the aim of offering our customers technology made in Europe, commented Bosch Board of Management member Markus Heyn.



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