Contract could kickstart county’s $5.3 million fleet service facility

Contract could kickstart county’s $5.3 million fleet service facility

A contract for design work on a new $5.3 million fleet car service facility for the county could be given the green light by Cobb commissioners Tuesday.

Commissioners will consider a two-part design/build contract for $768,758 with Catamount Constructors, with the initial phase to include only the design, project fee and general conditions costs for the facility. Catamount has offices in Roswell; San Antonio, Texas; and Lakewood, Colorado, near Denver.

The contract does not include a guaranteed maximum price for the project, but only the design portion of it, said Scott Barfield, the county’s property management director. A proposed construction contract with a guaranteed maximum price is expected to be ready for commissioners to consider later this year, he added, with a timeline for constructing the facility to be determined. “We’re hoping to get it in within that particular budget,” said Al Curtis, the county’s fleet director, referring to the $5.3 million the county earmarked for the facility in its 2016 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax project list.

“It does our light- and medium-duty vehicles, police/fire/sheriff, property management, community development — just all the different departments within the county that have the autos, sedans and light-duty trucks. That’s what we service here at this location,” Curtis said of the car shop. “The current facility is not going anywhere — it’s basically going to be repurposed, and bring some of the employees that are working outside, inside.”

The county maintains about 2,600 units within its fleet, Curtis said, which are serviced by three different shops.

“The car shop does the light-duty vehicles, a medium- and heavy-duty shop that does the big F-350s, F-450s … (and) the bigger diesel vehicles, and then we also have an equipment shop that works on your loaders, your skid-steers, your backhoes — all of the heavy equipment you see out there working,” he said. “The heavy-duty side, we have some people working outside, and the equipment side, all of those guys work outside, so what we’ll be doing is transitioning and moving some of the diesel people over here and bringing all of the equipment guys from out of the weather into the facility.”

The existing car shop, he adds, “is an older facility, older wiring, older piping. The county’s done a really good job on trying to keep it up, but (this project would bring) the safety features of the new facility, the space of a new facility, the LED lighting — a lot of different things that a lot of other facilities have that we don’t have.”

Once the new facility is built, Curtis said, it will be a vital component in maintaining many county operations.

“The benefit to (Cobb residents) is your police officers won’t have to wait as long as far at getting their vehicles serviced, the vehicles will be serviced a lot more timely, and we’ll have all the state-of-the-art equipment to be able to — with the newer vehicles out there, autonomous vehicles and autonomous features — we’ll be able to actually diagnose those things quicker, getting them back on the road so they can actually perform their missions protecting and serving the citizens, as well as sheriff’s, fire department, and also all the other departments that go out and service the citizens,” Curtis said.

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