Demo of self-driving shuttle bus GACHA in Nokia Campus

Demo of self-driving shuttle bus GACHA in Nokia Campus

In the early days of September, Sensible4 and Nokia started a project of self-driving shuttle bus called Gacha that will operate in Nokia campus. The bus is fully automated and connected to the internet over a 5G network. We hoped to see a real-life demo, and Nokia did a nice video where it shows how the shuttle bus is operating. This was also a great opportunity for Nokia to share some words about the possibilities that the 5G network is offering to the world, and the autonomous bus is only one of them.

The passengers on the bus were Paivi Kalske, the Head of Corporate Social Media in Nokia, Jane Rygaard who is Head of Dedicated Wireless Networks at Nokia, and Sandro Tavares who is Global Head of Mobile Networks Marketing at Nokia, and thair talk about the 5G world is quite informative. Gacha shuttle bus is also nice and cosy. The interior looks more like a nice small airport lounge, but unfortunately, the drinks are not being served. At the beginning of a video, you can see that there is an escort on the bus since the autonomous vehicles in the EU are obligated to have an operator. I could see this kind of shuttle buses operating in front of the airports and inside the large hospitals, or for example on large parks in the cities.

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