Future Networked Cars: Safe, self-driving and shared

Future Networked Cars: Safe, self-driving and shared

In the near future, cars will be expected to do much more than just transport you from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’.

Just like the smartphone brought innumerable changes to the telephone, connected cars are poised to usher in a new era of connected mobility expected to be radically different to the model of transport seen on our roads today.

That future is now being re-imagined at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Amid the show’s glitz and glamour, leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Harman and Qualcomm met with leaders of smaller auto and tech startups – as well as academic, technical and business analysts – to discuss their visions for the future of smart mobility at the Shift Automotive Forum and the Future Networked Car Symposium – both co-organized by ITU.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and connected fleets may transport goods and people with far less risk of loss due to accidents on road. Autonomous delivery drones may drop off online purchases to your door. Without a steering wheel or driver’s seat, the car itself may transform into a mini-office on wheels. In fact, the car you ‘drive’ may not be your car anymore, with ‘car sharing’ seen as a very compelling model for future transport.

Whatever the future holds, experts posit that future networked cars will be connected, increasingly autonomous, much safer and very much tied into the sharing economy.

Safer cars and safer streets One person dies every 24 seconds on the world’s roads, according to data from a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO). Connected cars are expected to make cars and streets safer for passengers and pedestrians.Technologies such as driver assistance systems, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring are now making their way into all vehicle models. Sensors are […]

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