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What are the challenges of becoming a self-driving car engineer?

3 Steps To Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer

Have you ever asked yourself why would you want to become a self-driving car engineer? What are the challenges of becoming a self-driving car engineer? We will try to answer the questions in this article.

First, companies are investing heavily in self-driving technology. Companies such as Nvidia, Tesla, Paysa and others are hiring top-notch self-driving car engineers. There is a huge demand for self-driving car engineers. The average median salary for the profession is $134k per annum — much higher than other technologies.

Secondly, automation will come and change the market considerably. If you are a software engineer with web development experience, you may want to look into your future course of action. CAN YOU BECOME A SELF-DRIVING CAR ENGINEER?

Of course, you can. However, if you are completely new to the programming, the path is not easy. A good working knowledge of computers and mathematics can give you a good advantage. Self-driving car technology depends on multiple fields, including robotics, machine learning, mechanical engineering, and computer vision. As you have guessed it until now, even if you become a self-driving car engineer, you will be working on only a small problem and trying to coordinate with other engineers on the project.

Self-driving car engineer only needs to work on one specific task. It can be sensors, input, performance, hardware, etc. It’s not like other trades where you can manage everything by yourself. The complexity is always there, and that’s why it is a heavily-paid trade right now. 1. BUILD A REMOTE-CONTROLLED CAR

The second step is exploring the trade yourself. Self-exploration is highly rewarding and applies to every field. The best way to get started is to build yourself a remote controlled car. It doesn’t have to be something extremely fancy or […]


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