Honda works on self-driving car with Chinese SenseTime AI company

Honda is working with Chinese AI unicorn SenseTime on self-driving car tech

Honda is putting the focus on artificial intelligence after it announced a partnership with SenseTime, a Chinese startup valued at over $1 billion, that will power its the .

SenseTime, which raised a $410 million funding round this past summer and counts Qualcomm among its investors, is particularly well known for its object recognition technology which has been used by both public and private entities in China. The startup has agreed to a five-year joint R&D project with Honda that will see its AI and deep learning smarts combined with Honda’s focused-AI tech to develop solutions that the -maker hopes will enable to operate safely in urban areas.

Honda’s own AI falls into ‘scene understanding,’ ‘risk prediction,’ and ‘action planning,’ all of which relates to gauging urban motoring scenarios and responding to them in the right way. It said earlier this year that it plans to introduce cars with level 4 by 2020.

The Japanese auto giant unveiled its new innovation lab in Tokyo earlier this year, which included an offshoot called R&D Center X that’s focused on robotics, energy and AI. Tech-wise, this year we’ve seen plenty of neat concepts ranging from […]

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