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KTH Autonomous RCV Car with ROS Stack

The sensor platform and software for this self-driving car was developed as part of a PhD course at the KTH CVAP department. The software is a mix of existing open source components for ROS and in-house components, particularly for planners and controllers.

The following students were involved in the production of this demo:
Erik Ward – High level planning, sensor integration
Nils Bore – Mapping, localization
Niclas Evestedt – Planning, controller
Xi Chen – Obstacle classification
Rui Oliveira, Lars Svensson – Car interface
Silvia Cruciani, Johan Ekekrantz – Camera interface

Also, a big thanks to Todor Stoyanov and Tomasz Kucner from Örebro University for letting us use their code for NDT mapping and localization and help in getting it to run.


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