Nio and Intel to Jointly Launch L4 Model

Nio and Intel to Jointly Launch L4 Model

According to the agreement, Nio will manufacture and produce an automatic driving system designed by Mobileye. The system will be integrated into Nio’s electric vehicle consumption line and Mobileye’s driverless driving service.

Chinese electric vehicle company Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) and Mobileye, an auto-driving car technology firm of Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) have jointly announced this week their cooperation on the development of highly automated autonomous vehicles (AV) for consumer markets in China and eventually other countries.

As part of the agreement, Mobileye will provide Nio with the design of the self-driving system building on the Mobileye AV Series, a level-4 (L4) AV kit. Nio will engineer and manufacture and mass-production this L4 AV kit for both consumer automotive markets and for Mobileye’s mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) applications and also installing the technology into the second generation of its complete vehicle platform, reported by various media home and abroad.

How will this cooperation promote the future development of both sides? Intel said, Mobileye’s autopilot system will be better for the mass market, and further expand the scope of its AV innovation to the global automotive customers. For Nio, it can maintain its leading position in the high-end electric vehicle market through advanced driver assistance system technology and L4 autonomy to provide more safe and functional vehicles.

Through this cooperation, Nio aims to become the first brand in the world to achieve L4 level automatic driving on mass production vehicles.

Erix Walz, editor of FutureCar, a Silicon Valley media focused on the automotive industry, said: “The partnership with Mobileye will help Nio to greatly improve its autonomous driving technology. Mobileye’s ultra-high performance EyeQ5 chip developed in partnership with Intel for autonomous driving can process data from sixteen multi-mega-pixel cameras.”


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