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Pedestrian Detection and V2X Demonstration

The Renesas Fleet is a collection of vehicles designed as Autonomous Driving Development Platforms. Working with our partners we have developed a custom HMI for this vehicle with climate controls, media player, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, 3D surround view, sensor fusion, lane and pedestrian detection, facial recognition, driver monitoring, and V2x communications, all powered through a Renesas processor system architected for fail-operational capability.

This vehicle is equipped with a suite of sensors for autonomous driving including 8 LiDAR, 5 RADAR, dedicated forward-facing cameras, surround view cameras, driver monitor cameras, and onboard IMUs. All sensor data is routed to very powerful Renesas R-Car H3 SoCs. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) 5.9 GHz DSRC antennas are integrated into the system using both the R-Car W2R and R-Car E2 SoC.

The Skyline Fleet of vehicles enables Renesas to work closely with both OEM and Tier1 customers to accelerate the delivery of ADAS solutions and the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology to markets all over the world.

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