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ROS Developers LIVE-Class #30: Duckietown AI Driving Olympics EP1-2-3



The Duckietown project is devoted to teaching AI and machine learning with robots. Recently they launched the AI-Do Driving Olympics competition about self-driving cars.

In this series of three Live Classes we are going to see how to use simulations to program de Duckiebots solve the AI-Do competition and program simple self-driving cars.

In this Live Class, the FIRST CLASS OUT OF THREE, we’ll see:
▸ How to set up a full Gazebo simulation of a Duckietown and Duckiebots with the proper ROS interface
▸ How to access the sensors and actuators of the Duckiebots
▸ How to create a simple navigation program for the robot

The whole code will be provided to all the attendants to the class.


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