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Tesla Autopilot camera will watch the driver!

Tesla Autopilot camera will watch the driver!

While Tesla maintains its leadership in the electric car industry, one of the issues that has received the most criticism so far is the Autopilot mode. This artificial intelligence mode, which is an example for many electric vehicle companies in the market, can unfortunately be deceived by drivers. Tesla, on the other hand, seems to be planning to inspect the driver with the Autopilot camera, which he started using a year ago.

Tesla can prevent accidents with its Autopilot camera

Apart from being the locomotive for the electric car market, Tesla also took an important step for the driverless car with its AI-powered Autopilot mode. Unfortunately, this mode, which has been developed on its artificial intelligence for a long time, can be deceived by the drivers.

Finally, it was seen that a driver installed a special device and bypassed the steering wheel touch protection at certain intervals. The incident occurred when the sleeping driver was surrounded by the police while the vehicle was in motion.

A year ago, Tesla installed a camera over the rearview mirror to report driver movements in the event of an accident. Although experts said Tesla should use this camera to track the driver’s movements, the firm resisted for a long time not to do this type of monitoring. However, a hacker discovered that Tesla was looking for an update for the driver camera.

While reviewing Tesla’s car software, the hacker found that the scenes seen by the built-in camera were trying to be classified into some categories. Accordingly, Tesla seems to track whether the driver’s eyes are open or closed, whether he is blind, whether he is holding his head tilted for a long time, looking at the phone or looking left and right.

It is not clear when this update will appear yet. However, it is also a matter of curiosity how much Tesla’s camera will pay attention to details such as personal privacy. What do you think, can driving safety be provided for a driverless car with the Tesla Autopilot camera? We are waiting your comments.


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