The Internet of Autonomous Vehicles – Keynote highlights by João Barros

Autonomous vehicles are coming much faster than anyone imagined. Moreover, they are incredibly data hungry, consuming up to 4,000 GBs per day. One thing is clear: the current mobile internet infrastructure is not ready for this new and impending data tsunami. How can we solve this?

Veniam’s over four years of experience in deploying and operating mesh networks of connected vehicles in Porto, Singapore and New York has given us insights into how the future full of autonomous vehicles will evolve. It needs an intelligent combination of multi-network architectures, smart (and local) data management, and most importantly, low-latency fail-safe vehicle-to-cloud platforms that can provide scalable and superior quality of experience for mobility-as-a-service providers and their no-longer-driving customers.

Our results also show that with Veniam’s platform mesh connected vehicles can be a lot more than machines that carry people and goods from one place to the other. In fact, they can expand wireless coverage and gather massive amounts of urban data for a myriad of smart city applications.

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