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Top 5 Innovative Computer Vision Software Providers in 2019

Top 5 Innovative Computer Vision Software Providers in 2019

In today’s disruptive age, Computer Vision has gained a lot of traction as it is poised to transform industries, and is making lives easier. It is an artificial intelligence technology enabling computers to understand and label images. Its use cases are video surveillance, self-driving car testing, daily medical diagnostics, and monitoring the health of crops and livestock.

The computer vision market is rapidly growing as it is being progressively leveraged by different types of organizations to increase the skills of workers, automate business processes, improve efficiencies, lessen costs, among others. There are a huge number of computer vision software providers in the market.

A recently published report from IDC titled “IDC Innovators: Computer Vision Software, 2019”, profiles five key players offering compelling and differentiated computer vision software, that are: Algolux, Deep Vision AI, Sighthound, ViSenze, and Umbo CV.


Algolux, a Canada-based Computer Vision Software Provider, improves vehicle safety and system performance while lessening program risks. It employs end-to-end machine learning, new computer vision architectures, and a scalable training approach to significantly enhance the imaging and perception capabilities of self-driving vehicles and robots. The company has advanced platforms for autonomous vehicles, Ion – Autonomous Vision Platform; Eos – Perception Software; and Atlas – Camera Tuning Suite.

Founded in 2015, Alagolux’ mission is to enable autonomous vision, empowering cameras to perceive more clear vision and ability to see what cannot be sensed with current imaging and vision systems.

Deep Vision AI

As a computer vision software provider, Deep Vision AI offers visual intelligence for leading enterprises. The company utilizes proprietary advanced computer vision technology to interpret images and videos automatically, allowing its software solutions to turn visual content into real-time analytics and insights. Companies use its technology and services for optimizing operations, developing new products and services, along with creating new business models.

Established in 2014, Deep Vision’s technology is utilized by retailers, brands, and advertisers to target individuals and areas for ad placement, as well as assist with urban planning initiatives. Currently, the company is focused on the smart city and omnichannel retail ecosystems.


Headquartered in Winter Park, FL, Sighthound enables computers to see clearly through the application of artificial intelligence and computer vision. The company combines computer vision with intelligent deep neural networks to automate the blurring of people’s faces, vehicles, license plates, and other personally identifiable information to make sure privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Started in 2012, Sighthound has ready to use and state-of-the-art products – Sighthound redactor, Sighthound Video, Sighthound Cloud API.


ViSenze, an AI-driven startup, builds advanced visual search and image recognition solutions to assist businesses in eCommerce, mCommerce and online advertising. Headquartered in, Singapore, with offices in Europe, USA, and China, the company allows consumers to use a photo to compare a product sold on different sites, shop matching styles using an Instagram screenshot, and activate visual search natively from different applications.

Founded in 2012, ViSenze has raised a total of $34.5 million in funding. Additionally, the company has a large number of clients providing visual search tools.

Umbo CV

Seated in San Francisco, CL, Umbo CV develops autonomous video security products for enterprises. Its video solution set is capable of precisely determining the human form, labeling subjects, and comprehending the actions of identified subjects. The company seeks to augment operation efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership for businesses by bringing the complete end-to-end experience from offline to online.

Founded in 2014, Umbo CV has a range of products – Umbo Light, AiCameras, AiDome, AiBullet, TruePlatform.

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