UPS Remains Competitive With Self-Driving Trucks From TuSimple

UPS Remains Competitive With Self-Driving Trucks From TuSimple

Autonomous trucks from TuSimple have been running since May for UPS.

Much ado is made about self-driving vehicles. Further, speculation about the safety and feasibility of running such vehicles has been made. But startup company TuSimple has been silently implementing this technology in its freight services.

Further, UPS has been using autonomous truck services in delivering its packages across the state. UPS has stated that it has a small stake in TuSimple self-driving startup. UPS is one of the world’s largest companies in package delivery.

Todd Lewis from UPS Ventures says that the company has been exploring new technologies like lane departure technology, sensor technology and advancing braking system which has been specifically made according to their needs.

TuSimple states that it uses nine cameras and a pair of LIDAR sensors in its autonomous technology. It has been serving UPS through its autonomous delivery trucks on one of the busiest freight routes in Arizona from May.

Further, startup TuSimple will help UPS upgrade to Level 4 in autonomous driving so that the vehicles can drive to a particular location under full automation. Once UPS reaches Level 4, it will not require anyone for guidance and can function automatically.

Currently, the trucks from TuSimple have an engineer as well as a safety driver behind the wheel to deliver packages for UPS. There are many other self-driving vehicles running in the U.S. which has someone monitoring the vehicles, but none work on a fully automated scheme.

Once Level 4 is reached, the vehicle becomes fully autonomous and is locked to a geographical location that is designated. Autonomous trucking is becoming more commonplace. There are a number of startups such as Einride, Kodiak, Waymo and Daimler that are bringing in autonomous vehicles.

TuSimple has already applied autonomous driving in a few routes in commercial cargo transportation. UPS is partnering with many other businesses to remain competitive and to be in the fore-front.

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