(video) [3D-DLAD-v4] Next-Gen Sensor Fusion for Next-Gen Sensors & Driving Functions, Eric Richter, BASELABS

Workshop :
Speaker : Eric Richter, BASELABS

Talk : Next-Gen Sensor Fusion for Next-Gen Sensors and Driving Functions, Eric Richter, Director Technology/Co-founder, BASELABS

Abstract : Next-generation driving functions, like automated driving in urban environments or automated parking, are targeting an increasing number of highly complex scenarios with many different traffic participants and object types.

Like high-resolution radars or cameras with semantic segmentation information, next-gen sensors provide significantly more detail-rich information about the environment and act as one enabler of next-gen driving functions. Current sensor fusion approaches, like the combination of object fusion and static grid fusion, feature high modularity. While this has many benefits, it results in an early and irreversible reduction of information.

This talk will outline how this inherent property of the current-gen sensor fusion approaches results in a high risk of failing in challenging scenarios.

We will present the next-gen sensor fusion technology, which provides information for static and dynamic objects as well as free space, with high quality and robustness, through an integrated sensor fusion approach.

This so-called Dynamic Grid approach acts as the second enabler for next-gen driving functions.

Key Take-Aways:
– Current sensor fusion approaches have inherent properties that limit their applicability for next-generation driving functions and sensors.
– Integrated sensor fusion approaches resolve these limitations and thus enable next-gen driving functions.
– The Dynamic Grid is the integrated next-gen sensor fusion technology, ready for series production.


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