(video) Autonomous Driving in a Parking Zone

This video shows a scenario of autonomous driving in a parking zone, where the vehicle exits from a parking spot, moves through the parking area avoiding other cars, to reach a new spot and park itself autonomously.
This particular environment is developed as a testing platform for motion planning and trajectory tracking algorithms.
On the left is the simulation world where the dynamics of vehicle and parking area are simulated. The vehicle used in this simulation is a Ford Mondeo. On the right is the visualizer where the occupancy grid map of the parking area , path planned and odometry of the vehicle can be seen. Multi sensor fusion is shown visually in the front camera feed, where the front lidar scan, ultrasonic sensor data and camera features are fused together in the map.
The path planning algorithm in this demo is developed specially to tackle zone navigation scenarios where sharp maneuvers and narrow driving areas are expected. The subsequent path following algorithm is a non linear controller which is tuned for slow and sharp paths to reduce the cross track error.


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