(video) Columbia Vehicle Group and GLF Discuss Cyngn

For the last few months, we have been developing our partnership with Columbia Vehicle Group, a leading industrial vehicle manufacturer.

Their Stockchaser is one of the most widely used industrial vehicles in the material handling space. You can find it in thousands of industrial sites throughout the US and across the world.

By adding Cyngn’s DriveMod autonomous vehicle technology to Stockchasers and other industrial vehicles, we are transforming the way material handling and logistics organizations get work done.

Our autonomous vehicles help them overcome labor shortages, increase safety and reduce their costs.

In November, we deployed autonomous Stockchasers to a warehouse operated by Global Logistics and Fulfillment.

Here, we’ve gathered representatives from both Global Logistics and Fulfillment and Columbia to tell you a little bit more about the Cyngn partnership, our autonomous vehicle technology, and the value these relationships are already bringing to both organizations.


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