(video) Demo: Unprotected Left Turns

Some highlights of the video:

0:00 vehicle detects and recognizes traffic signal correctly at 150 meters (~100 feet) away from the intersection, and accurately captures the whole process when the traffic signal turns from green to yellow, then to red.

0:04 vehicle turns on its left-turn signal at around 30 meters (~100 feet) distance from the intersection to signal its left-turn intent. Then it enters the left-turn lane.

0:08 vehicle reaches the intersection. The traffic signal turns from red to solid green. vehicle detected oncoming vehicles in the opposite direction in both the left-turn lane and the going-forward lane. vehicle creeps slowly into the intersection, obtains a good observation position without blocking any traffic, and monitors the movements of other vehicles.

0:12 After waiting for 2 oncoming vehicles to pass, vehicle detects no more oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction, it starts its left-turn. Notice that vehicle steers very smoothly, without any jiggling back and forth.

0:23 vehicle reaches the next T junction and prepares for another unprotected left-turn. This time, vehicle is viewing the traffic signal against sunlight. vehicles have been tested in various time periods across the day, so that they can detect and recognize traffic signals correctly in different weather conditions, 24X7.

0:56 From a first-person perspective, there is heavy traffic from left-hand side to right-hand side in front of the vehicle, and there is a vehicle blocking the path going forward. It’s a very complex scenario. When the traffic signal turns solid green, although there is still a long line of vehicles from the perpendicular direction, vehicle can still find a way to creep forward and obtain a better perspective, in a fashion that’s familiar and understandable to human drivers, whilst obeying all traffic laws.

1:02 detects and monitors oncoming vehicles accurately, and predicts their movements correctly. After yielding to 5 vehicles from the opposite direction, vehicles detects the 6th vehicle waits for its path to get clear. vehicle anticipates that the vehicle needs to wait longer to complete the left turn, it considers all conditions and decides to proceed with the left-turn. It finishes its left-turn smoothly.

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