(video) Improving the Supply Chain Resiliency with Autonomous Trucks|TuSimple

Jim Mullen, TuSimple Chief Administrative and Legal Officer, gave a keynote at the TuSimple CES 2022 booth on Improving Supply Chain Resiliency with Autonomous Trucks. In his keynote, Jim presented powerful solutions that autonomous trucking can offer to our current supply chain issues. He also addressed how autonomous trucking technologies could help alleviate the driver shortage by creating reliable on-demand capacity capable of moving more products to more people faster and more efficiently than ever before.

About TuSimple:

TuSimple is a global autonomous driving technology company, headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China. Founded in 2015, TuSimple is developing a commercial-ready Level 4 (SAE) fully autonomous driving solution for long-haul heavy-duty trucks. TuSimple aims to transform the $4 trillion global truck freight industry through the company’s leading proprietary AI technology, which makes it possible for our autonomous trucks to see 1,000 meters away, operate nearly continuously and consume 10% less fuel than manually driven trucks.


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