(video) Introducing the LiDAR XLRator

The LiDAR XLRator™ is a unique, full-fledged LiDAR development platform based on the LeddarEngine™ and created for LiDAR developers, Tier-1 manufacturers and system integrators. This industry-first collaboration, stemming from leading Leddar™ Ecosystem partners, integrates core building blocks from LeddarTech and world-class technology providers such as ST Micro, ams OSRAM, First Sensor and Renesas. XLRator’s modular environment provides configurable state-of-the-art LiDAR performance: high resolution, long-range, fast frame rate and flex-view capabilities. The LiDAR XLRator solutions enable the fast-prototyping and cost-effective development of multiple automotive-grade LiDAR solutions from a common, flexible core for significantly faster time-to-market.

XLRator Highlights
-Powerful, flexible LiDAR development solutions
-Auto-grade components and reference design facilitate the path to certification
-Based on LeddarEngine SoC and signal processing
-Integrates LeddarSteer solid-state beam steering, providing high resolution and extended FoV
-Supported by Leddar Ecosystem partners
-Reduces development and time-to-market by up to 2 years

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