(video) Lidar: Advancing ADAS and Underpinning Autonomy

Dr. Matthew Weed, senior director of product, breaks down the anatomy of a safety maneuver from CES 2022. Join him for a live Q&A on Tuesday, January 18th from 10am – 10:30am (EST). Register at

Improving ADAS capabilities can not only save lives in the near-term, but can also increase consumer confidence, paving the way to autonomy. Lidar-based sensing gives vehicles more time to make safe, confident maneuvers at higher speeds, which is a critical capability for self driving.

Volvo Cars plans to include Luminar’s Iris as standard safety equipment on its next generation, all-electric SUV to be revealed later this year. Iris will also serve as foundational technology for Volvo’s forthcoming Ride Pilot autonomous driving feature.


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