(video) Meet our new, innovative, award-winning Wing Camera AI. Presented at EXPO2022, Stuttgart

Our Wing Camera AI with Object Detection & Classification will be launched to the market by a leading Tier-1 automotive company in 2024.

Trucks are replacing optical rearview mirrors by cameras for better field of view (to prevent accidents), reduction in fuel consumption and to comply with new legislation. AI is now added to these advance vision systems to maximize their potential in avoiding accidents.

Key Features of our innovative Wing Camera AI:
Blind Spot Detection
– Safe Turn Assist
– Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
– Enhanced Field of Vision.

Brodmann17 AI-based perception software is processing wide and narrow angle video to detect:
– Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)
– Vehicles and vehicle type
– Lanes and lane type
– Trailer-end
Detected objects include localization, distance, classification, relative speed and time to collision.  

Brodmann17 develop a software solution that enables any device to run deep learning vision, even on low-power CPU, reducing energy consumption while maintaining world-class performance and accuracy using only a fraction of the computing power.


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