(video) RoboSense Launches New Mid-Long Range MX LiDAR, Leading the Industry into the “Mass Adoption” Era

RoboSense(2498.HK),a global leader in LiDAR and perception solution market, unveiled the new MX LiDAR, a new generation mid-long range LiDAR from its M platform, marking the beginning of the “Mass Adoption” Era in the industry. Leveraging its superior product advantages, RoboSense announced that the MX has already secured three new global design wins from OEMs immediately upon the release of MX, with the first project will achieve SOP in the first half of 2025.
The MX, which is the culmination of solid-state chip integration of LiDAR, also is the industry’s first LiDAR system to achieve a full-stack system-on-chip architecture for scanning, processing, and transceiver modules, ushering the industry into the era of intelligent solid-state LiDARs. With its extreme design, MX boasts an unrivaled thinness of 25mm, an ultra-quiet operation sound, and an incredibly low power consumption under 10W. It can detect objects up to 200 meters away with a field of view of 120° x 25°, featuring 126-beam (ROI region equivalent to 251-beam). The intelligent “GAZE” function has been upgraded, allowing full adjustability of the ROI, enhancing the safety and efficiency of the intelligent driving experience. With its outstanding performance, MX sets a new standard in the industry for high aesthetics, low cost, and strong performance.
With a thickness of 25mm, MX redefines the standard design for primary LiDARs, enabling flexible deployment both inside and outside the vehicle cabin. Previously, the M1 pioneered vehicle integration with a thickness of 45mm, setting a benchmark for primary LiDARs in mass production. Compared to M1/M1 Plus/M2, MX reduces volume by 40%, thickness by 44% to just 25mm, and reduces the exposed window area by 80%. MX can be flexibly embedded in positions such as the windshield, roof, headlights, and grille, offering a more convenient deployment that aligns with the vehicle’s aesthetics. When mounted externally, MX aids in achieving an optimal blend of ultra-low aerodynamic drag and elegant design for intelligent vehicles. When installed behind the windshield, it offers minimal Keep Out Zone (KOZ), ensuring zero obstruction to the user’s visibility.
Moreover, MX delivers an astonishingly silent performance. Leveraging RoboSense’s mature two-dimensional scanning MEMS chip technology, MX operates with no mechanical vibration noise, maintaining a sound level undistinguishable from background noise throughout its lifecycle. Whether deployed inside or outside the cabin, MX achieves NVH-free (noise, vibration, and harshness) operation, providing a quiet and premium driving experience.
Another highlight of MX’s upgrade is its comprehensive intelligence evolution. MX builds upon M platform’s variable focus patent technology and upgrades the intelligent “GAZE” feature to achieve dynamic adjustments in both horizontal and vertical directions. The ROI function transitions from “single-axis intelligence” to “global intelligence,” making MX the industry’s first intelligent LiDAR sensor capable of dynamically adjusting scanning in all dimensions. In urban mode, MX offers a wide-angle view of 120°×25°, aiding vehicles in handling city scenarios such as unprotected left turns, U-turns, and merging with traffic, ensuring a more comfortable driving experience. In high-speed mode, MX focuses on scanning distant roads directly ahead, with an ROI equivalent to 251 beams and angular resolution of 0.1°×0.1°, enabling vehicles to detect distant obstacles early and ensuring safe intelligent driving.


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