(video) Robosweeper, WeRide’s second purpose-built self-driving vehicle

Key takeaways about WeRide Robosweeper:

1. WeRide Robosweeper is designed and produced for city-level environmental services under a strategic collaboration between WeRide and Yutong Group.

2. First of its kind in the sweeper industry, the Robosweeper features an unprecedented cockpit-free design without a steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals.

3. This is WeRide’s second product for mass production and purpose-built self-driving vehicles, after the launch of Mini Robobus.

4. It’s in EV model and has a fully redundant chassis and is powered by WeRide’s leading L4 autonomous driving solution.

5. The fleet is able to perform comprehensive environmental services, such as sweeping, sprinkling and disinfection spraying.

6. WeRide has also developed a custom-built cloud-based platform to manage the Robosweeper fleet.

7. In light of the COVID-19 situation, the Robosweeper is equipped with a spraying system to disinfect with zero-contact.

8. The large-scale road test of Robosweeper fleet will be launched in May, with over 50 vehicles in the first batch, covering the entire Nanshan district of Guangzhou.

9. WeRide has developed a series of innovative products, namely Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan and the most recent Robosweeper, with the aim to bring smart mobility, smart freight and smart environmental services to commercial applications, realizing the fullest potential of autonomous driving technology.


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