(video) The Kodiak Driver Navigates Highway Traffic

We’ve come a long way.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art sensors and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the Kodiak Driver can navigate complex scenarios with precision and safety.

Our autonomous truck has a sophisticated sensor array, including high-resolution cameras, LiDAR, radar, and inertial sensing technology. These sensors provide real-time, 360-degree awareness of the truck’s environment, ensuring it can continually assess its surroundings, even in heavy traffic.

The onboard AI system processes a vast amount of data from the sensors, constantly monitoring and analyzing the movements of nearby vehicles. This real-time traffic analysis allows the Kodiak Driver to anticipate changes in traffic patterns, detect merging vehicles, and plan its maneuvers accordingly. When a vehicle intends to merge, the Kodiak Driver can predict its path and adjust its speed and position to make room and ensure a smooth merge.

We’ve come a long way. Stay tuned as we go even further.


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