(video) Vayyar’s Child Presence Detection In-Cabin Safety Solution

Vayyar’s in-cabin sensors help overcome the tragedy of hot-car deaths, in which children are killed because they are forgotten in vehicles by parents or caregivers. In 2019, there were 53 hot car deaths in the US alone, with thousands of children worldwide being rescued from locked vehicles in distressed conditions.

These tragedies are all preventable, by means of our reliable, accurate and affordable technology. Vayyar’s intelligent sensor meets EURO NCAP 2022/23 requirements and enables Child Presence Detection (to prevent hot car incidents) even if the infant is covered by a blanket or hidden in a car seat or in the foot well.

Our high-performance radar on a chip displays the dimension, shape, location, breathing pattern and movement of people, utilizing proprietary 4D point-cloud VOXEL imaging. This enables complete classification of people and objects, regardless of line-of-sight, bad lighting or harsh weather conditions. The 60GHz mmWave imaging radar-based CPD solution detects passengers in each seat in the car, differentiating between adults and children. Once it identifies that a child is the sole occupant of a vehicle, the driver can be immediately alerted.


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