(video) Velodyne Lidar’s Vision and Mission

Velodyne Lidar’s Vision: Science in service of safety

Velodyne Lidar’s Mission: Creating smart technology for a world in motion

Lidar technology is crucial to the safety, sustainability, efficiency and equity of the world. It is the solution for many everyday issues, such as preventing traffic accidents and fatalities, mitigating on-the-job injuries or deaths, creating energy efficiencies, protecting people’s privacy and providing access to never before touched areas of the world.

As the eyes of the application, Velodyne Lidar drives a safer and better-connected world. Our broad portfolio of lidar solutions touch an individual’s everyday life, helping to get food from farm to table, products from factory to front door. And, as a champion of safety for all, Velodyne strives to achieve safe, sustainable and accessible transportation, intelligent infrastructure and industrial robotic solutions worldwide.


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