(video) World Safety Summit 2021 Panel: The Role of Smart Infrastructure Solutions to Achieve Vision Zero

The Fourth Annual World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology
November 2, 2021

The Role of Smart Infrastructure Solutions to Achieve Vision Zero
This panel is sponsored by ITS America and moderated by Laura Chace, President and CEO of ITSA. Laura is joined by Jon Barad of Velodyne Lidar, Suzanne Murtha of AECOM, and George Villarreal of Texas Department of Transportation.

In 2020, the United States had its worst vehicle crash death toll in 14 years. Over 40,000 Americans were killed. Vision Zero is aiming to change that. Cities, states, regions, and private sector organizations from across the country are utilizing technology to create safer streets for all users with a goal of ending vehicle crash-related fatalities. This panel, let by city, state, and private sector experts will focus on the ways in which technology is being utilized to decrease vehicle crashes, keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe, and create a data-driven, “safe system” approach to infrastructure and traffic management. We have the technology to do this, and it is being deployed right now to create safer streets for all users.

The World Safety Summit is hosted by Velodyne Lidar
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