(video) Zoox: ~1-Hour Fully Autonomous Freeway Drive from Menlo Park to San Francisco

Tencia Lee, Research Engineer on our Prediction Team, and Janek Hudecek, Senior Staff Engineer on our Planning & Control team, talk through a ~1-hour drive from the SLAC facility in Menlo Park, up Interstate 280, into the bustling streets of downtown San Francisco. This drive is 100% autonomous, with full perception output.

You’ll see many scenarios synonymous with freeway driving, such as high speeds, vehicles merging in front of us, and lane changes. You’ll also see the seamless transition from freeway to city driving as we enter downtown San Francisco.

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Start of Drive
1:50 Merging onto Freeway
2:35 Handing Cut-ins
3:00 Adhering to the Speed Limit
3:17 Maintaining Position within Lane
4:06 Explanation of X-ray Visualizations
4:27 Localization Explanation
4:58 Understanding the Difference Between Static and Moving Objects
5:27 Performing Lane Changes
7:35 Driving Through an Underpass
8:34 Transitioning from Freeway to Downtown San Francisco
12:18 End of Drive

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