What’s Driving Automakers Out of Europe?

What’s Driving Automakers Out of Europe?

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Automakers, in quick succession, have moved in recent weeks to end parts of their operations in Europe. Nissan is the latest: On Tuesday, it confirmed that it would cease assembling Infiniti cars at its plant in northeast England.

The moves, during Britain’s wrenching debate over its departure from the European Union, known as Brexit, have raised the question: Is Brexit forcing the carmaking industry out of Britain?

It’s not quite so simple. Traditional car manufacturers, in Britain and in Europe over all, have been buffeted by forces around the world, and they assess where they want to make the next model of a car every few years or so.

As automakers allocate resources, they have been balancing the need to respond to these changes with the justifications for producing cars in places like Britain.

Here are some of the forces reshaping the industry. Who is moving?

Honda said it would close its plant in Swindon, England, by 2021 and stop making one of its sedans in Turkey. The Swindon plant employs 3,500 and the Turkish plant about 1,100.

Nissan reversed an earlier decision by deciding to produce the next generation of its X-Trail sport utility vehicle in Japan instead of Sunderland, England. Its luxury brand, Infiniti , is withdrawing from Western Europe altogether. Ford said in January that it would cut thousands of jobs across Europe. Jaguar Land Rover announced in January that it would be cutting 4,500 people from its global work force; most of the cuts are expected to be in Britain. Dyson , which is developing an electric car, moved its headquarters from Britain to Singapore the same month. General Motors pulled out of Europe in 2017, selling the Opel and Vauxhall brands. Regulation of fossil fuels has […]

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