Why This NVIDIA Partnership Is a Big Deal

Why This NVIDIA Partnership Is a Big Deal

NVIDIA ‘s ( NASDAQ:NVDA ) change of strategy in self-driving car technology is showing signs of paying off , which is why the chipmaker’s latest partnership in this space isn’t surprising at all. Japanese commercial vehicle giant Isuzu Motors is reportedly in the final stages of negotiating with NVIDIA to create self-driving technology specific to trucks, according to Nikkei Asian Review .

This is a step up from the earlier status of the partnership between the two companies. Isuzu was originally a part NVIDIA’s hardware and software platform to collect data just like many other companies do. But now, Isuzu is planning to use the data collected by NVIDIA’s platform to create a solution fit for deployment in self-driving trucks. Image source: Getty Images. Breaking a barrier

The size of a truck creates a lot of complexity in the development of autonomous tech for it. For instance, a truck has blind spots that need to be filled by the placement of cameras and sensors. Additionally, sensor signals will need to travel a longer distance in the case of a truck, which could lead to a loss of signal fidelity and compromise the self-driving operation.

That’s why a specific autonomous driving system needs to be created for trucks, one that operates in a different way than the ones for self-driving cars.

Isuzu is now looking to create a solution that can process NVIDIA’s passenger car data for application in trucks. To do so, it will be installing NVIDIA’s solutions into its own trucks as early as this year so that the autonomous system can learn to drive on its own using data collected by passenger cars.

Isuzu looks like the right partner for NVIDIA to make a breakthrough in this area. It manufactures over 600,000 commercial vehicles every year, including both light- and heavy-duty […]

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