Cadillac Reveals Futuristic Self-Driving Pod And Single-Rider Drone Concepts

Cadillac Reveals Futuristic Self-Driving Pod And Single-Rider Drone Concepts

The electric revolution is very much in full swing right now with plenty of companies slowly but surely turning their full attention to electric machinery. Gasoline-powered cars may well soon be a thing of the past. However, the electric revolution doesn’t have to be boring. Not at all. Cadillac and GM are determined that it simply will not be that way. They are already set to launch a luxury EV SUV. And they have revealed, in their keynote speech at CES 2021 as part of their electrifying future, a radical pair of concepts. This is the Cadillac Personal Autonomous Vehicle, with quite a boxy and pod-like shape. Plus, an autonomous drone, made for a different kind of suburban travel.

The Pod Itself

The pod—it’s easier to call it that—has quite an inviting exterior light that’s designed to draw you into the pod itself. It has very comfortable looking and welcoming seats and a glass roof that is designed to allow enough of the outside world into the car as possible. There are biometric sensors inside the pod to analyze the passengers so the pod can automatically adjust various settings such as ambient noise, light, and temperature.

There is dark wood-lining around the inside of the pod, which creates quite a nice look and a welcoming feel to the cabin and the couch that forms those interior seats will certainly make for a different seating experience compared to your standard car and EV. Voice control is very much at the heart of controlling the pod, making it a seamless and effortless experience to maximize passenger comfort as much as possible and of course shows off technology designed to make our lives easier.

The VTOL Autonomous Drone

But that was not all that Cadillac and GM wanted to showcase when it came to the future of travel in what was a surprise reveal. They also presented the Vertical Take-Off And Landing Drone, or the VTOL, and it marks GM’s first foray into aero mobility. This is looking to the future where potential personal air travel is possible. With the Celestiq also on the way, the company is really marching to an electric future. They emphasize that time is of the essence and convenience is everything, such as traveling across town to an office meeting. It can serve as your own personal vehicle for all manner of things, and it is of course, like the pod, a fully automated vehicle as well.

Sources: YouTube, Cadillac


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