(video) Autoware Course Lecture 9: Object Perception: Radar

This week we keep going for real! In this lecture, we are going to learn about how to detect objects and obstacles using a Radar sensor. In particular, you will learn:

* Radar Basics
* Object Detection with Radar
* Available Sensors
* Radar Hands-on-lab

* Michael Reke
* Daniel Peter

You can get the slides at the following link:

You can get the special notebook with details about the hands-on lab at:

You can get the code of the hands-on lab at:

In case you have issues following the course, please create an issue at the following repo:
* Issues:

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The course is hosted by Apex.AI (

Lectures provided by the following companies and Universities (in alphabetic order):
* Apex.AI
* Autonomous Stuff
* Embotech
* FH AAchen University
* Graz University of Technology
* Kalray
* LG
* Open Robotics
* Parkopedia
* Samsung
* StreetScooter
* Ternaris
* Tier IV

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