(video) Cofed DLAD Workshop ITSC 2020 Introduction

Workshop :
Collaborative Perception & Federated ML for Autonomous Driving
Deep learning (DL) has shown improvements in object detection, semantic segmentation, HD-Maps creation, representations for odometry, localization, automated sensor calibration, learning driving policy. Federated ML/DL is a recent development to train user specific keyboard models in a decentralized way across different mobile systems by Google. Recent workshop on Federated AI for Robotics has demonstrated a first effort to cross-fertilize domains in robotics and federated ML models. We aim to unite researchers from 1. Federated DL & ML algorithms, 2. Autonomous driving tasks. Decentralized aggregate learning on autonomous driving agents could be helpful in collaborative mapping and localization, obstacle avoidance, would become more and more prominent due to the upcoming technologies such as 5G. This also requires power efficient networks but are regularly learning from new observations.

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