(video) Oxbotica – ‘driver out’ Ranger in the quarry


Oxbotica is an autonomous vehicle software company that was founded out of Oxford University back in 2014.

Our mission is to transform the way we move people and goods by enabling all vehicles to do more. Our full-stack, end-to-end autonomy software is both vehicle- and platform- agnostic, making it applicable across a multitude of industries both on- and off-road. We’re working to build an eco-system that supports the adoption of autonomous vehicles, building partnerships to accelerate the deployment of autonomy for real-world application.

Our technology enables machines to robustly navigate, understand and act in any environment, without dependence on any external infrastructure – even GPS. Building further, we have created the software ecosystem needed to develop, deploy and operate autonomy solutions, including simulation, data management, calibration, fleet management and our robust machine learning infrastructure.

This approach makes our technology exceptionally flexible and uniquely positioned to provide autonomy solutions for remarkably varied vehicle platforms and domains, both on- and off-road.

We call this Universal Autonomy.

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