(video) Why Robotics As a Service is Gaining In Popularity

My guests today are Ben Landen and Jordan Stern. Ben is the VP of Business Development and Jordan is the Director of Product Management here at Cyngn.

Today we are going to discuss Robotics as a Service. Robotics as a Service represents a new paradigm where key assets at your organizations are rented instead of owned. ABI research predicts that there will be 1.3 million RaaS installations by 2026, generating over $34 billion in revenue.

For Cyngn, Robotics as a Service represents the easiest way for us to put autonomous vehicle technology in customer’s hands — without requiring them to staff up a maintenance team or a crew of engineers to get the most value out of such a cutting edge investment.

In this conversation, we’ll discuss Robotics as a Service and dive into the ways this shifting paradigm will make it easier to tap into new technologies and get work done.


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