Multiple Object Tracking

Multiple Object Tracking, or MOT, is a technique used to study how our visual system tracks multiple moving objects.

In computer vision domain object tracking can be defined as the process of locking on to a moving object and being able to determine if the object is the same as the one present in the previous frame.

It includes

  • Motion detection: Often from a static camera. Often performed on the pixel level only (due to speed constraints).
  • Object localization: Focuses attention to a region of interest in the image. Data Reduction. Often only interest points found which are used later to solve the correspondence problem.
  • Motion segmentation: Images are segmented into region corresponding to different moving objects.
  • Three-dimensional shape from motion: Also called structure from motion. Similar problems as in stereo vision.
  • Object tracking: A sparse set of features is often tracked, e.g., corner points

Extra reading:

Multiple Object Tracking Algorithms

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