Locomation partners with local trucking company to deploy tech

Locomation partners with local trucking company to deploy tech

Pittsburgh-based autonomous trucking company Locomation has finalized an eight-year agreement with Aliquippa-based PGT Trucking Inc. to deploy its tech on the company’s routes, according to a news release.

Over the eight years, PGT Trucking expects to deploy 1,000 Autonomous Relay Convoy, or ARC, systems on more than 30 route segments. The technology allows a person to drive a lead truck, while a follower truck operates in tandem autonomously.

“We are thrilled about this partnership,” Cetin Mericli, Locomation co-founder and CEO, said in a prepared statement. “We’ve built our ARC technology and networking strategy to leverage the value of long-established trucking routes and systems, and PGT Trucking is a great fit for operating a supply chain custom built for autonomous trucks.”

Through this agreement, Locomation safety staff will collaborate with PGT Trucking teams to ensure the two-truck convoys operate most efficiently, according to the news release.

“Part of PGT’s mission is to grow innovatively by improving efficiencies through the use of technology,” Gregg Troian, president of PGT Trucking, said in a prepared statement. “As PGT Trucking celebrates its 40th anniversary, this partnership allows us to stay abreast of progressive transportation advancements as we continue to evolve our fleet as the premier flatbed carrier. We expect this technology to significantly reduce costs and improve freight efficiency, as well as save energy and improve safety.”

Locomation, founded in 2018, reported that at full commercialization it expects to result in an about 30% reduction in operating costs per mile and an 8% reduction in fuel expenses for trucking companies. The company also anticipates that its tech can remove 40 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air per autonomous convoy each year.

In September 2020, Locomation received its first large-scale purchase order from Springfield, Missouri-based Wilson Logistics. Locomation completed a pilot program with the company, which then placed at order to outfit more than 1,000 of its trucks with the ARC technology.


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