(video) Automated with Velodyne Lidar Ecosystem Celebrates 100 Partners

Velodyne Lidar’s Automated with Velodyne (AwV) program now has 100 partner companies working to commercialize next-generation autonomous solutions using Velodyne’s lidar sensors and software. This milestone demonstrates Velodyne’s continued commitment to fostering the global marketplace and innovating lidar-based solutions that advance autonomy, safety and sustainability in a diverse range of industries.

Through AwV, Velodyne enables partner development by supporting innovation, promoting applications and creating lasting customer and business relationships. AwV partners encompass a wide variety of applications, reflecting the depth and breadth of Velodyne’s lidar sensor and software portfolio in three key markets: intelligent infrastructure, industrial & robotics and automotive, which encompasses AV and ADAS. The program also includes universities conducting lidar solutions research and testing initiatives.

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