(video) AutoX Fully Driverless RoboTaxi in China’s Urban Villages

This is a video showcasing how AutoX fully driverless RoboTaxi deals with the ultimate autonomous driving challenge of road conditions in China’s urban villages. Unique to China, urban villages are ultra high-density residential neighborhoods in major Chinese cities. The public roads in urban villages are extremely busy, chaotic and overcrowded, especially around dinner hours. In the video, the AutoX fully driverless RoboTaxi needed to nudge its way out of dense crowds, bikers, scooters, and pets surrounding the self-driving vehicle.

About AutoX:

AutoX is the frontrunner of RoboTaxi in China. The company’s self-driving platform is capable of handling the most challenging and dynamic traffic scenarios in urban cities around the world. AutoX is the first and right now the only company in China operating a fully driverless RoboTaxi service on public roads without any safety driver. AutoX also obtained the World’s second driverless RoboTaxi permit from California.

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