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(video) Completes Industry’s First Cross-Country Commercial Freight Run in Autonomous Truck is a leading provider of self-driving trucking technology, headquartered in Cupertino, CA. Today, we announced that we completed the industry’s first coast-to-coast commercial freight run by a self-driving truck in a record three days. On behalf of Land O’Lakes, Inc., the hub-to-hub journey spanned 2,800 miles from Tulare, CA to Quakertown, PA. This is the first Level 4 U.S. cross-country commercial pilot hauling a fully-loaded refrigerated trailer, which in this case was filled with over 40,000 pounds of butter.

The continuous journey was an important milestone in validating the maturity, safety and reliability of’s autonomous driving system and its ability to safely handle a wide range of weather and road conditions. Driving across interstate 15 and interstate 70, our truck successfully navigated winding roads in the Rockies, long tunnels, high elevation of 11,000+ feet, day and night driving, wet and snowy roads, and temperatures that ranged from 18 degrees to 75 degrees. A safety driver was onboard at all times to monitor and assume control if needed, and a safety engineer was present to monitor system operations.

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