(video) World Safety Summit 2021 Panel: The Future of Industry & Robotics

The Fourth Annual World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology
November 2, 2021

The Future of Industry: Robots Tackling the Dull, Dirty and Dangerous
This panel is sponsored by Association for Unmanned Vehicles International (AUVSI) and moderated by Keely Griffith, Director Industry Education for AUVSI. Keely is joined by Adam Scraba of Nvidia, Grant Harris of Exyn Technologies, and Captain Michael Leo of FDNY.

Almost every industry in existence involves tasks that are dirty, dull, and dangerous. Nevertheless, they must be done. They can run the gamut from inspecting disaster zones and packaging radioactive waste from nuclear power plants to risky rescue operations. In some cases, the danger is the task itself. In others, it’s an unsafe working environment due to conditions like the presence of toxic dust and other hazardous circumstances. Only recently in human history have we had the opportunity to allow artificial intelligence and automation to handle work better left to machines. This will enable humans to focus on ideas and jobs that require more brainpower and creativity, unlocking new job markets. This panel will feature a discussion around the current state of industrial safety and automation, as well as the ways in which autonomous technology is shaping the future of industry.


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