OpenDRIVE® is an open file format for the logical description of road networks. It was developed and is being maintained by a team of simulation professionals with large support from the simulation industry. Its first public appearance was on January 31, 2006.

The OpenDRIVE® file format provides the following features:

  • XML format
  • hierarchical structure
  • analytical definition of road geometry
    (plane elements, lateral / vertical profile, lane width etc.)
  • various types of lanes
  • junctions and junction groups
  • logical inter-connection of lanes
  • signs and signals incl. dependencies
  • signal controllers (e.g. for junctions)
  • road surface properties (see also OpenCRG)
  • road and road-side objects
  • user-defineable data beads
  • etc.

OpenDRIVE® files are designed to describe entire road networks with respect to all data belonging to the road environment. They do not describe the entities acting on or interacting with the road.

OpenDrive users: 

OpenDRIVE sample files:

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