(video) Close-Up Look: Autonomous Delivery Udelv Transporter, Driven by Mobileye™

The Udelv Transporter is a self-driving delivery vehicle incorporating Mobileye Drive™.
Commercial operations of self-driving services for middle- and last-mile delivery are slated to commence in the United States in 2023, with 35,000 vehicles slated to be produced by 2028.

About Mobileye:
Mobileye is leading the mobility revolution with its autonomous-driving and driver-assist technologies, harnessing world-renowned expertise in computer vision, machine learning, mapping, and data analysis.

Our technology enables self-driving vehicles and mobility solutions, powers industry-leading advanced driver-assistance systems, and delivers valuable intelligence to optimize mobility infrastructure. Mobileye pioneered such groundbreaking technologies as True Redundancy™ sensing, REM™ crowdsourced mapping, and Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) technologies that are driving the ADAS and AV fields towards the future of mobility.


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