(video) Cloud Engineering Simulation – A Game Changer for Engineers | Simulation World 2022

Revolutions in engineering tools lead to revolutions in engineering. Thousands of years ago, Roman engineers built roads and aqueducts across Europe with nothing more than an abacus. In the middle part of the last century, engineers accessed the first mainframe computers and used them to put a man on the moon. In the last twenty years, engineers used desktop computers and desktop CAE software to design driverless cars, eVTOLs, reusable rockets, and literally everything else around us in the modern world.

Now, we are at the dawn of a new revolution in engineering: the Cloud Engineering Simulation revolution. Ansys, with the OnScale acquisition, is leading the revolution that will give every engineer access to cloud supercomputers and world-class solvers to solve their toughest engineering challenges.

Learn how engineers will leverage new Cloud Engineering Simulation capabilities to develop true Digital Prototypes and Digital Twins and drive risk, cost, and time-to-market for next-generation technology.

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