(video) COAST Autonomous Mobility Solutions – Delivery Flatbed Vehicle

Harbor Rail Services is always looking for new ways to improve safety and efficacy and so they asked COAST Autonomous to come to Kinney County Railport in Brackettville, Texas. Traditionally, team members in the repair site had to ask a coworker to collect parts by driving a pickup truck to the warehouse, a round trip of around seven minutes. Now, the Coast Autonomous Delivery Flatbed has changed everything. The Flatbed is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective self-driving vehicle providing 24/7, on-demand mobility for Harbor Rail. Now parts can be load at the warehouse and moved to the repair site without wasting an employee’s time. The solution frees up team members to engage in other more critical tasks, boosting overall efficiency. The seven minutes adds up quickly. Even at just 10 trips per day, that’s over an hour of lost productivity simply transporting goods. The COAST Autonomous Flatbed solution is ideal for rail yard operations like Harbor, but also for a wide range of industries and operating environments including airports, manufacturing plants, ports and any location requiring regular movement of goods from one place to another. Get in touch today to learn more how COAST Autonomous mobility solutions can improve safety and efficiency in your operating environment.

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